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Welcome to SBISD Electronic Criminal History Process

Before entering into a contract with the SBISD District, a person or business must give notice to the District if the person or an owner or operator of the business has been convicted of a felony. The District may terminate a contract with a person or business if the District determines that person or business failed to give such notice or misrepresented the conduct resulting in the conviction.

The entity shall certify to the District it has received all of the criminal history record information required. The service contractor shall also certify that it will take the required steps to ensure that the conditions or precautions that have resulted in a determination that any person is not a covered contract employee continue to exist throughout the time that the contracted services are provided. The entity shall certify to the District it has obtained all required criminal history record information through the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas (FACT) and certify to the District that the service contractor does not have a disqualifying criminal history. (Per Texas Education Code- Section 22.0834.)

Independent contractors do hereby consent to the use of any and all information provided in the application process to be used in the criminal history/background check. Independent contractors shall notify the Purchasing Department within three business days of any arrest, indictment, conviction, no contest or guilty plea, or other adjudication for any felony and any offense involving moral turpitude.

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